Fully dedicated to requirements driven imagery pre-processing and processing

GeoGenesis® 3.0 is an easy-to-use imagery processing and photogrammetric workstation giving you complete control over your data. Using GeoGenesis you can rapidly orthorectify UAV/aerial and satellite imagery and perform bundle adjustment on multiple images -- assisted by automated tie point selection. GeoGenesis also includes pan-sharpening, mosaicking capabilities to combine multiple images into a single orthomosaic, and radiometric balancing to eliminate any visible seams.

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US Government Users: GeoGenesis is available for use on a royalty-free basis

GeoGenesis was developed under contract with the US Government. Therefore, royalty fees (e.g., license fees) are not allowed. Visit the Purchase page herein for more information.



GeoGenesis 3.0 is built on our GeoSPHERIC™ common code foundation and works with our other compatible applications:





IApioneer - an all-in-one imagery
analysis and targeting software system


OmniDEM® - an easy-to-use
digital elevation modeling (DEM) software system


FeatureXTract - an easy-to-use
feature extraction and 3-D modeling
software system


Worthy Highlights

GeoGenesis® recently posted version 3.0 for release, containing a variety of new tools for modeling and pre-processing. See more in What’s New.


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